flavored sparkling water machine

Stainless Steel
Draft Tower

Draft Tower

Features Overview

This beauty of a draft tower offers three faucets for conveniently pouring a wide selection of draft Beverages and ideal for sparkling and alkaline water.


Made from polished stainless steel, the tower is durable, corrosion resistant, and preserves the fresh flavor of your choice of beverage (no metallic taste). The tower comes with three plastic black faucet knobs, though it’s easy to add tap handles of your choice to give your bar a personal flair.


The tower column is 3” in diameter and includes three chrome faucets with brass levers. The lowest faucet measures 10 in. from the counter, while the two highest faucets give you 11.5 in. of clearance.


Your stainless-steel tower comes with everything you need for installation, including 4-ft. lines, hex nut connections, mounting screws, and gaskets. The tower can be mounted right on top of your bar, countertop, or refrigeration unit for a clean, professional setup.

Chrome Milano
draft tower

Draft Tower

Features Overview

Bring a little taste of Italian style to your bar space with this dispensing Milano draft tower.


Made of chrome-plated brass, this European draft tower includes up to four pre-assembled shanks and faucets so it’s easy to get it up and running.


This Milano tower dispenser is fully cold-blocked and ready to be attached to a premium glycol chiller system. It includes 3/8″ OD copper glycol lines.


For the majority of long draw or commercial draft systems, especially those running 6 or more lines or draft systems running over 15 feet, a glycol chiller is recommended. This system implements a separate chiller that uses the power of glycol to move beverages further distances, while keeping it cold from chiller to tap. Propylene glycol, a non-toxic, food-grade antifreeze, is the main component that’s been used for many years in food-processing systems.


Please note: Tap handles are not included.

flavored sparkling water machine

JULI 9100

Remote chiller

Features Overview


JULI 9100 High Performance Remote Recirculation System, utilizing cold carbonated and stainless steel recirculating pump to chill BOTH the water and syrups, and to provide optimal temperature products. The JULI 9100 is an ideal solution for a bar guns and towers.


The system includes Stainless steel cabinet, tank and product lines, CFC free refrigerant, Zero GWP structural insulation, Electronic Ice Bank Control (EIBC) and Electronic Liquid Level Control (LLC).

Customized Plastic Bottles

(with your logo)

Features Overview


Smart Soda offers selection plastic bottles & tamper-evident sealable caps, customized with your company logo.


Eco friendly PLA PBAT Biodegradable compostable plastic bottles are available.

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Customized Plastic Cups

(with your logo)

Features Overview


Smart Soda offers selection plastic/paper cups, lids and straws, customized with your company logo.


Eco friendly PLA PBAT Biodegradable compostable plastic cups are available.


Glass Door Customized Refrigerator

Features Overview


Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, featuring spark-free components, low refrigerant charge and the most attractive product display.



New R290 HFC-free refrigerant gas that reduces environmental impact and increases efficiency.



Patented ETC1H electronic controller assures optimal refrigeration performance through precision temperature control, and intelligent control for defrost cycle, compressor & other component functions.



Enhances performance and efficiency. Uses only a fraction of the energy and offers longer life expectancy than industry standard shaded-pole motors.



New condenser featuring a joints reduction down to zero increasing long term refrigeration reliability and safeguarding against any system leaks.



New 5th generation constant power efficiency LED uses lowest energy possible, with highest light output.



models will have spark free refrigeration components for optimal safety, per UL requirements

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