Experience the healthy hydration revolution.

Welcome to the brand-new standard of wellness beverages featuring clean, functional ingredients. SmartSoda is the only wellness beverage that delivers on function while mastering taste. Crafted from pure alkaline water, and infused with vitamins and minerals, our innovative better-for-you beverage is available in a brilliant array of delicious flavors and proven functional nutrition boosts.

Soda Machine for Office Juli

Experience an endless combination of refreshingly delicious healthy beverages, on-demand!

  • Mix & match syrups and/or flavor shots to create more than 21 alkaline-infused still, and vitamin and mineral infused sparkling beverages
  • Mix up to three flavors or enhancements into
    a single beverage
  • Customize carbonation levels by preference

Benefits of Alkaline Water*

Alkaline Water Benefits

Craft your perfect beverage with our
Simple and easy to use touchscreen.

Juli Connect

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the JuLi ™.

SmartSoda is committed to developing and offering sustainable dispensing solutions, but we go farther by ensuring that your company has access to sustainable and reusable bottles. Through our partnership, we will provide customized bottles for your business.


Additionally, our tasty flavors are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes. That means we can help your business create a healthier building while adhering to the WELL Standard.

juli connect pouring water
Soda machine for office

Connected technology makes operation easy from anywhere

  • SmartSoda Connect technology connects to  ethernet or wireless connection
  • Technical menu is secure and only accessible by authorized personnel, with ability to customize permissions
  • Control the JuLi ™ from an app on your phone, providing easy access anytime*
  • Touch screen provides easy access for installation, maintenance, and servicing support
  • Reordering made easy with always-on connection alerting and reordering when low

*launching in 2023

Manage and maintain from anywhere.

Machine is ready.
Notifications when product is low.
Reorder from your phone

A smarter solution, by design.

  • Sleek, compact counter-top system – plumbing conveniently housed within available cabinets
  • Easy-to-use 12.1” VGI touch screen with interactive
    user interface
  • Environmentally friendly with R290 refrigerant and
    Energy Saver
  • Bag-in-box technology maintains the SmartSoda offerings ensuring the dispenser quickly pours a fresh, consistent, delicious beverage experience on demand
  • Provides substantial cost savings verses other comparable dispensers, as well as reducing costs of stocking bottled and can beverages
Juli Connect Design

Go ahead, compare us.

SmartSoda beats the competition every time.

Smart Soda amazing taste &
function portfolio.

alkaline water

Serve up extraordinary.

JuLi ™ Specifications

Improve employee wellness with a healthy and brilliant hydration option—without a lot of space. The JuLi ™ fits perfectly on any counter top, creating a beautiful hydration station that meets WELL specifications.


(HxWxD) (29.9” x 13.3” x 27.95”)


4” diameter hole in the counter, directly over the placement of chiller/carbonator. Center of the hole must be more than 5” away from the wall to allow heat to vent.


110-120 VAC, 60 Hz, 9A max current draw
GFCI protected, 3-prong outlet


Dedicated ⅜” plumbing line, rated for a minimum of 145 psi. Minimum supply pressure of 50 psi and 1.3 gallons per minute flow rate.


Ethernet or wireless internet connection required to access smart functions of the JuLi ™. Machine comes with built-in 4G mobile modem that operators can use. Monthly fee may apply.


Secure—application access requires user authentication, keeping all data and personal information secure.