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Why Invest In The SmartSoda Revolution?

Estimated 3-Year EB-5 Holding Period

The typical EB-5 investment holding period is between 5-8 years. Smart Soda's EB-5 project is the first project on market to offer the updated significantly shorter EB-5 sustainment period.

First EB-5 Project to Go Public

Your EB-5 investment is made into a pre-IPO company and projected to be paid back post-IPO with a discounted non-restricted common share.

Immediate USA Residency

The SmartSoda EB-5 Project allows qualified EB-5 Investors to immediately reside in the USA while the Green Card application is processed, instead of waiting years out of the country.

$20,000 Savings

Complimentary source of funds qualification confirmation.

For Accredited Tech Focused Investors Looking for a Unique Investment in a Company Poised to Dominate the Beverage Industry for Not Only Great Returns But to Be a Part of a Beverage Revolution


We are much more than a simple brand or beverage company. We are a story of commitment and passion to each member of our team and to the health and happiness of every person on this planet.


Join the beverage revolution
and gain U.S. residency.

SmartSoda has developed a comprehensive beverage platform poised to disrupt multiple consumer segments. 


They are raising EB-5 capital to grow their existing beverage business to build a state-of-the-art beverage manufacturing and distribution center serving the business-to-business and consumer market. 


SmartSoda is made up of multiple business units serving on-the-go and at-home consumers. All our beverages begin with alkaline mineral water and are paired with the clean and healthy combinations of flavor. This opportunity is only available for a short time and provides opportunities for an extensive ROI within a few short years.

Smart Soda Holdings, Inc is made up of multiple business units serving on-the-go and at-home consumers. All our beverages begin with alkaline mineral water and are paired with the clean and healthy combinations of flavor. This opportunity is only available for a short time and provides opportunities for an extensive ROI within a few short years.

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Five business units. Multiple revenue streams.
One EB-5 investment.

Soda machine for office

The only all-in-one beverage dispenser.

The JuLi is an all-in-one beverage system servicing the business-to-business sector. This machine offers twenty-nine drink options all through the touch of one button. 


Drink options include sparkling or still water with customizable flavors, functional shots, cold brew, tea and lemonade. The beverage unit is compact and fits easily within offices and breakrooms. The JuLi supports companies with their unique sustainability and corporate wellness initiatives and provides immediate cost efficiencies.


A brilliant ready-to-drink beverage.

The SmartSoda ready-to-drink (RTD) offering includes three distinct lines; Brilliant Sparkling Water, Optimize Plus and Quantum. Each offering is made with clean ingredients focusing on taste and performance. 


The Brilliant Sparkling Water begins with vitamin-infused alkaline water and is carefully crafted with the cleanest and best tasting flavors. 


The Optimize Plus collection aids in building everyday immunity. Designed with zinc, turmeric, ginger, magnesium and elderberry, this brilliant combination builds you up to take on your day.


The Quantum collection provides energy and focus without sacrificing taste. Powered with L-theanine to provide natural energy and paired with ginseng and guarana to help with focus.

smartsoda fountain beverage

Re-thinking the convenient store fountain beverage.

The SmartSoda c-store offering is transforming fountain beverage offerings with an easy to install retrofit program. The SmartSoda product is offered through the same dispensing systems, with a wide variety of fountain flavors. Our offering increases c-store profitability and delivers on consumers demand for healthier beverage options.

Sodaspresso™ – a technological revolution in the beverage industry.

The single-serve is the fastest growing market in the beverage industry thanks to the convenience, speed, variety and quality/premium taste it offers to the consumer both At Home (AH) and Out Of Home (OOH).
The current market players (Nespresso, Keurig, SodaStream, etc.) have not succeeded in developing an all-in-one multi-drink system able to dispense hot, cold and carbonated drinks.
SODASPRESSO™ The pioneer at the at the core of the multi-drink ecosystem has solved a technical challenge by developing a unique patented single-portion multi-drink system that dispenses an extensive range of premium-tasting beverages.


More than 200,000-square-feet of prime real estate.

Current growth plans include office expansion and a new manufacturing facility located in a prime area of the Cleveland metropolitan area. This expansion includes the addition of 250 new jobs and the ability to expand into the co-packing business.


What Our Current Investors Are Saying


SmartSoda Is Already Making Waves

Frequently Asked Questions

The EB-5 immigrant investor visa program is a U.S. government initiative that provides a path for foreign investors and their immediate families to obtain permanent residency (Green Card) in the United States. The program was established by the U.S. Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment from foreign investors.


To participate in the EB-5 program, foreign investors must meet specific eligibility criteria and make a substantial investment in a qualifying commercial enterprise in the United States.


There are two main investment options within the EB-5 program:


Direct Investment: The investor directly invests $1.05 million into a new commercial enterprise. However, if the investment is made in a targeted employment area (TEA), the minimum investment is reduced to $800,000, like the SmartSoda EB-5 Project


Regional Center Investment: Investors can also choose to invest $1.05 million (or $800,000 in a TEA) in a designated Regional Center. Regional Centers are private entities or public agencies that facilitate EB-5 projects, often pooling investors’ funds to finance larger projects. The advantage of this option is that the investor can count indirect job creation, in addition to direct job creation, toward the job creation requirements.

In order to qualify for the EB-5 program, investors must make a qualifying investment of at least $800,000 in an approved commercial enterprise. The investment must create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers within two years of the investor’s admission to the United States as a permanent resident on an EB-5 visa.

The entire EB-5 process, from filing the I-526 petition to obtaining unconditional permanent residency (Green Card), can typically take around 5 to 7 years or more. However, the exact timeline can be influenced by factors such as the complexity of the case, USCIS processing times, visa availability, and any changes in regulations or policies.


However, the new EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022’s updated sustainment period clearly states that their capital is “expected to remain invested for not less than two years.”

The company is rapidly growing (230%) from April to May, projecting the same growth rate for 2023.

We are projecting an IPO in 2026, and each investor is projected to receive their investment back back in the form of publicly traded equity within 36 months.

An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. An IPO allows a company to raise equity capital from public investors.

The transition from a private to a public company can be an important time for private investors to fully realize gains from their investment as it typically includes a share premium for current private investors. Meanwhile, it also allows public investors to participate in the offering.

Our Goals

Smart Soda goal is to create the best tasting & highest quality health consensus beverages for our customers. The current consumer is seeking to have a wide range of better for you beverage options without sacrificing taste. The market is rapidly changing, and we want to deliver an incredible experience.


Smart Soda is trying to change the long-time unhealthy perception of the dispensed beverage industry.


To begin Smart Sodas amazing beverage process we install a world class water filtration system. The water is first fully purified and then infused with minerals. The result is Alkaline Mineral Water. Our platform allows the customer to dispense unlimited Alkaline Mineral water, as well as use it as the base for all flavored beverages.


With our large variety of better for you beverage options we can accommodate any business type or size. From restaurants & offices to schools & convenience stores, we have something for everyone.


Smart Soda brings a more natural soda & healthy soda to the beverage market. On top of the premium water & wide flavor portfolio, we provide total beverage programs. The beverage program is a full turnkey solution that includes everything a business would need to dispense beverages. Smart Soda provides the entire program A to Z including beverage equipment, installation, & service.

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