Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions Spur Growth


Smart Soda Holdings, Inc. (“SSHI”), one of the nation’s fastest growing healthy beverages brands, announces the launch of companies in The United Kingdom and Canada and is in the process of establishing two additional joint ventures in South America and the Middle East by the end of 2022.


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Smart Soda has launched Smart Soda UK (“SSUK”) backed by a highly experienced management team, local production lines and premium-quality equipment. The innovative beverage company operates as a solitary player overseas and is the only beverage company in the UK and Europe for customers seeking “better for you” flavored sparkling waters and sodas for offices and restaurants.

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“During the pandemic, when the US market was growing rapidly, we began to receive inquiries from companies in the UK, asking where they could buy Smart Soda. That’s when it came to my attention that there really wasn’t anything quite like Smart Soda in the UK and Europe marketplace,” Lior Shafir, Smart Soda CEO explained. “Therefore I reached out to Mark Butterfield, and Ian Webb the Co-Founders of The UK Water Group, colleagues I’ve known for more than 15 years. After a few meetings, we couldn’t remain indifferent to this exciting opportunity. We were totally united in agreement to start SSUK, a subsidiary of Smart Soda Holdings,” Shafir elaborated.

“Having established a strong reputation in the drinking water industry, Shafir approached us knowing that we founded, built and sold The UK Water Group,” Butterfield commented. “His vision was to join forces and establish Smart Soda UK Ltd as part of a global expansion plan. We are thrilled to be building Smart Soda as it is a brilliant fit for both the UK and European markets.”

Today, Smart Soda finalized the acquisition (51%) of Smart Soda Canada, a former Smart Soda dealer. “As part of our pre-IPO expansion program, we’re planning a few more M&A deals this year — both globally and locally. As part of our growth, Smart Soda welcomes Jean-Jacques ‘JJ’ Francoeur and Spencer Deschambault of Smart Soda Canada, Inc., to our family,” Shafir announced. “Our goal is that Smart Soda will be available everywhere, both to our US clients and also worldwide through our global offices.”


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Source: Yahoo Finance News

Lior Shafir
Lior Shafir

CEO, Co-Founder and Board Member

Mr. Lior Shafir is a highly ranked executive in the water and beverage industry, and has demonstrated growth and leadership skills throughout his 20 year career in the field. His global marketing strategy and sales precision tactics have landed him great opportunities both in the local and global markets.