Smart Soda Introduces “Smart Soda Care.” The World’s First, On-Demand Functional Beverages System.

Our multifaceted system provides great tasting vitamin-infused beverages made with alkaline water and gives you the ability to enhance your drink with “Functionality.”

Simply select your Smart Soda favorite flavor, add a shot of ENERGY, IMMUNITY BOOST, RELAXATION (or more), and enjoy.

Beverage Options Include: Sugar free sparkling waters sodas, Organic cane sugar craft sodas. All are natural, vegan, kosher antioxidant-rich, gluten-free and delicious.

The Bottle-less Beverage Program includes the “JuLi Touch” model, a state-of-the-art beverage platform with a large, dynamic touch screen for maximum user experience, and the Smart Soda Sync, an IoT software solution to track customer behavior and identify purchasing needs from a secure online dashboard interface.

‘We have developed the optimal beverage program for offices. The users can choose from a variety of 32 flavors, sodas, and unlimited sparkling mineral and alkaline waters. We are offering a disaster relief program that includes the first 5,000 drinks, 90 days deferred payment, and free installation. Our team is professional and follows all COVID-19 safety protocols. I drink our vitamin Infused beverages daily, it is not just delicious, but it supports my immune system,” says Mr. Lior Shafir, CEO of Smart Soda.